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Create, edit, and manage high-quality icons


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Do you need to create high-quality icons? Falco Icon Editor Studio is an icon designing tool that can really come in handy, allowing you to make, edit, and manage small images in some of the most common formats.

Falco Icon Studio is a complete environment designed to be used by design professionals as well as amateur enthusiasts. It has an intuitive interface - just follow the steps presented by the program to create your icons. You'll choose the size, color, and format that you need, and once you've seen the layout, you just need to select colors for your palette, and get starting drawing your icon.

It's easy to achieve professional results with Falco Icon Studio. The program includes many tools and combinable effects to help you make the perfect icon. Tools include pencil, paintbrush, paint bucket, text, and resizeable, moveable rectangles and circles. There are also filters including contrast, brilliance, blur, and mosaic, just to name a few.

Falco Icon Studio allows you to export, edit, and manage your icons, and is capable of loading and saving files in BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, ICO, CUR, and ANI formats.
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